Disciplines practiced: Krav-Maga Self-Defense

Krav Maga (in Hebrew "combat with contact") is a combat discipline, simple, fast, effective, accessible to all categories of population.

This discipline, founded by Imi Lichtenfeld (1910-1998), emphasizes combat management, environmental analysis, and self-preservation, in all circumstances and consists of two main parts:

- The self-defense which is its framework, and which brings together various techniques allowing to defend against a wide variety of attacks, armed or not and to quickly overcome one or more attackers.

- The hand-to-hand combat which constitutes a more advanced phase of Krav Maga, and includes the psychological dimension of the combat (managing stress, group work, weapons…)

The discipline is practiced with suitable protections. It is not necessary to have great flexibility or special physical abilities.

The Teaching is provided as part of legal self-defense.

The benefits

A teaching, for everyone, adapted to the rhythm and specificities of each one, bringing multiple and fulfilling benefits

The practice of martial arts brings defense capabilities, specific technico-tactically, and, in fact, multiple benefits, from a psychical, physical and social point of view. Thus, these arts, beyond defense, are also arts of living promoting well-being.

Psychically: they strengthen the mind, determination, improves the management of emotions, stress, self-confidence, concentration, relaxation skills, sense of decision-making, timing.

Physically: they strengthen health, being a complete physical activity promoting improvement in coordination and body control, tone and muscle building, flexibility, bone density and cardiovascular capacity.
Socially: they encourage respect for rules and ethical values.


The Technical Director: Claude POUGET

- Master in Martial Arts and in Self-Defense (Hall of Fame),
- Holder of 6 Expert titles, 15 black belts and 10 State diplomas.

- Expert certified, black belt 7th Dan of Krav-Maga, Superior state diploma professor
- Expert, Black belt 6th Dan of Karate, Superior state diploma professor (BE2)
and so on ...

- Sportificially, Claude Pouget is world champion of Self-Defense Krav-Maga (technical) and multidisciplinary competitor: He has to his credit a hundred victorious fights.


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