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The Krav-Maga practiced at the Academy is internationally recognized:

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The Internationale Marial Arts Academy of Cap d'Ail is affiliated to :

The Karate French Federation (F.F.K.) – Officially in charge for Krav-Maga

The FFK is affiliated to the World Federation of Krav-Maga WFKM

Teaching at the Academy:

  • An art of living and well being for adults!

  • Excellent educational activity for teenagers and children from 3 years old!

Is led technically, assisted by his graduate team, by Claude Pouget :

  • Professor graduate of State Kickboxing, 8th Degree black belt (WAKO-FFKMDA)
  • Expert for the monegasque (FMK) and french (FFKMDA) and internationale federation (WAKO)
  • National Responsible for Kickboxing Graduation in Monaco and in Provence Alpes Cote d'Azur
    (see diplomas)
To practice Krav-Maga in Cap d'ail go to The International Martial Arts Academy of Cap d'Ail ("go"). * * * * * * *

The benefits of Krav-Maga for adults (women and men) and teenagers from 14 yrs

Krav Maga enables to deal with all sorts of physical aggressions that can occur.
The techniques taught are practiced by men, women, children as well as certain military and police bodies throughout the world . The learning and progression is fast. Defense techniques are simple and logical. Teaching is taught in a context of legitimate defence and with simple methodes, accessible to all.

This discipline is taught at all levels (training by groups and workshops) including specific physical preparation for everyone. It will improve Your tone and muscle strengthening. It is not necessary to bu supple or in an exceptional physical condition.

Optimise your physical and mental capacities, evacuate your stress, lash out in all safety. It is practiced with full and adapted padding and present no risks.

The Krav-Maga, taught at the academy, will strengthen the mastery and self-confidence within the framework of ethical values: an art of living and well-being

The benefits of Krav-Maga for Teenagers and kids from 5 yrs

Teenegers and kids from 5 yrs, Krav-Maga will present of numerous benefactions. It is taught with a playfull approach and adapted pedagogy. It is an excellent
Psychomotor activity improving the physical control and flexibility. It permits them to overcome the shyness or channel the energy; improve the concentration; consolidate the self-confidence; taste for the discipline, the activity and the effort in a group in the respect for the ethical values. An excellent educational activity.

Krav-Maga’s definition

Krav Maga (in Hebrew: Close combat), from Israeli origin, is the self-defence and fighting system used by the Israeli army, police and security services.

It is simple, direct, effective.

His approach is logical, practical and modern. It is suitable for all practitioners regardless of their style or level and allows for fast progression.

The Krav-Maga consists of two main parts:

• The self-defense that is the framing, and which brings together various techniques to defend against a wide variety of attacks, armed or not, and to come quickly to the end of one or more assailants;

• close combat that constitutes a more advanced phase of Krav Maga, and includes the psychological dimension of combat (managing combat and stress, environmental analysis, multi-tasking, weapons...).

Krav-Maga’s Founder and Renowed

It was created by Imi LICHTENFELD (1910 - 1998) qui developed it, during his multi- disciplinary athlete, as a close combat instructor first in the army then in civilian society.
This training method has received the approval of security professionals and police around the world.

This simple and efficient meo all practitioners, regardless of their style or level and allows quick progress.
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