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Claude Pouget is an expert in self-defence, marital arts and combat sports, whose achievements include 8th grade in kickboxing, 6th Dan in Krav Maga, advanced state-registered teaching diploma (BE2) and 10thKhan in muay Thai. He is a specialist in the art of combat and holds ten state-registered diplomas and 13 black belts.

A Monaco resident and national, he is also a legal advisor and director of several companies specialising in well-being, coaching and combat sports events, as well as being a federal manager and trainer in combat spots and honorary Monaco police commander, having previously been head of the Principality's elite, anti-terrorist unit (the equivalent of the RAID) and a coach at the Monaco police training college.

Martial Arts Expert

pouget combat2

Claude Pouget is a 56-year-old, multi-disciplinary specialist in martial arts, with over 40 years' experience in combat sports and self-defence in the Principality and on the international scene.

He gained the first of his six state-registered diplomas at the age of 23 in karate. As a multi-disciplinary competitor, he was selected for the Frenchnational Shotokan karate and Sambo teams, came fourth in the World Sambo Championships and has also won some 100 titles in other combat sports, such as boxing, karate, knockdown karate, taekwondo, kickboxing and judo-jujutsu.

As he progressed through multiple the levels, he gained an unusually large number of qualifications: five-times French and international federal black belt in kickboxing (8th grade), Krav Maga and karate (6th Dan) and holds several teaching qualifications, in particular in Israel. He is also ablack belt (6th Dan in K-1 and full-contact) in muay Thai and Thai boxing (10th Khan). He also has 13 black belts in judo-jujutsu, wrestling, Sambo and mixed martial arts (MMA) and 10 state diplomas (muay Thai, Thai boxing, boxing, kickboxing, full-contact, Sambo, wrestling and contact sports), as well as three state diplomas in karate and Krav Maga. He is also a state-registered instructor in Brazilian jujutsu, MMA and grappling.

Since 2010, Claude Pouget has been distinguished several times at the Valence Hall of Fame in Spain, being awarded the Grand Master title in Martial Arts (2015) and Self-Defence (2017).

International Federal Manager, Instructor and Coach

Claude Pouget 8e dan

Claude Pouget is the founding technical director of the the international martial arts academy in Cap d'Ail (created more than 20 years ago), the International Krav Maga academy in Beausoleil and the Monaco's international academiy of kickboxing, muay Thai and Krav Maga. With his team, he trains over 350 students (children, teenagers, adults and senior citizens). He has also trained numerous athletes in personal and competition self-defence, including his two assistants, both of whom have recently been crowned world champions in Krav Maga Self-Defence 2017.

Claude Pouget is also the founding president (2001) and national technical director of the Monaco Federations of Krav Maga (FMK), Kickboxing and Muay Thai, approved by the Monaco government and recognised by the Monaco Olympic Committee, as well as being vice-president of the Federation of Wushu, Chinese Energising and Martial Arts. These federations are affiliated to the international federations representing the Monaco federations to the international federations to which they are affiliated.

For the French federations, he is a federal expert in Krav Maga, a member of the National Grading Council (as a judge up to the 5th Dan in Krav Maga) and is the regional manager (PACA) of grading for Krav Maga and kickboxing.

Honorary Police Commander

Claude Pouget is a retired Monaco police officer and is now an honorary police commander, a title bestowed upon him by HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco, and a member of the International Police Association. He became a police officer in 1984 at the age of 23 and henceforth was promoted to lieutenant, captain and commander, spending some 30 years with the Monaco police and heading up the force's elite, anti-terrorist unit (the equivalent of the French RAID). He was in charge of VIP security, financial counter-intelligence and was head of the investigation and intervention unit of the judicial police, as well as being an instructor at Monaco's police training college.

Monaco Legal Advisor/Well-Being Company Director/Events Organiser

Claude Pouget is a legal advisor with a Masters in Law and is a member of the Chamber of Legal Advisors of Monaco.

He also manages his private well-being and exclusive coaching centre based at the Hotel Port Palace, whilst also heading up his eventsorganisation company. He is co-founder and managing director of the Monte-Carlo Fighting Masters Trophy and has organised 28 combat sports championships (seven in muay Thai and 21 in kickboxing). He won the title, World Kickboxing Promoter, in 2013 and 2016.

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