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Training in Pàijeda monegasque martial art, Karaté, Self-Defense Krav-Maga, Kickboxing, Muaythai,…
For childrens from 3 years old, teens, adults, mixed.
Beginners or confirmed,
In group or individual lessons (coaching) Free discovery course with medical certificate.
A way of life and for the youngest an excellent educative activity.



Karate, Pàijeda monegasque martial art, Krav-Maga



Not to be anymore a victim !



Energy and punch !



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ON MAY 6TH 2023

Welcome !

The International Academy of Martial Arts of Cap d’Ail founded in 1999, approuved by the Ministry of Sports, welcomes you.

Thanks to the support of the municipality, classes are proposed (Tel. 06 07 93 31 36), with registration all year round, for all, adults, teens and children from 3 years old, beginners or confirmed, in Karaté and Self-Défense Krav-Maga.

Training location: Gymnase de la Base nautique – Plage Marquet 06320 Cap d´Ail (400 meters from the Louis II Stadium in Monaco and just after the Cap d´Ail Tennis lessons)

Our founding technical director, Claude Pouget, was distinguished at the Hall of Fame as Master in Martial Arts and in Self-Defense, having to his credit an experience of more than forty years in the martial arts (1971), including twenty years in Krav-Maga (1999).

Multi-specialist, he holds 6 Expert titles, 15 black belts and 10 state diplomas!

So, he is expert, state certified professor in Kickboxing, 8th Degree black belt, as well as 7th Dan in Krav-Maga, 6th Dan in Karate, 10th Khan in Muaythai, in particular.

World champion of Krav-Maga Self-Defense (technical), he is a multidisciplinary competitor having to his credit a hundred victorious fights.

Honorary Police Commander (2013) of the Monaco State Police, he spent his career as a police officer in Monaco, having been in particular: Head of the Elite Unit (equivalent to the French RAID), also responsible Protection of High Personalities; Self-defense and law trainer at the Police Academy.

He is the holder of medals in Monaco: in vermeil, of honor, of silver from Physical Education and Sports, as well as the municipal gold medal of Sports.


Courses, (collective or individual) for everyone, adults, teens and children from 3 years, for beginners or confirmed. 

The practice of martial arts brings defense capabilities, specific technico-tactically, and, in fact, multiple benefits, from a psychical, physical and social point of view. Thus, these arts, beyond defense, are also arts of living promoting well-being.

The disciplines taught :

– for babies, children and teenagers (3 to 14 years old) : Krav-Maga Self-Defense and Karate.

– Adults and adolescents (from 15 years old) : Krav-Maga Self-Defense

The teaching within our Academy is provided within the framework of an educational approach and an environment adapted, for everybody, confirmed or beginners, at the rhythm and specificities of each.

– Babies (3 to 5 years old), practice these educational martial arts: Self-Defense Krav-Maga,Karate.

The courses are aimed for child’s fulfillment while promoting general development before approaching the specific approach of martial arts. Psychomotor development (sensorimotor, emotional and relational skills) is the priority.

The playful teaching approach proposes motor experiences (promoting balance, coordination, laterality, flexibility) as well as the development of the body diagram (knowledge of the body) in an adapted environment. Ethical values are introduced like salvation, an expression of respect.

– Children (6 to 10 years old) or teenagers (11 to 14 years old), practice these educational martial arts: Self-Defense Krav-Maga, Karate.

The ethical values of “living together”, an integral part of the martial arts, are a real fulfilling asset at these ages. The playful approach, integrating a motivating grade system, is oriented towards the acquisition of martial arts learning: young people and teenagers will acquire and control the implementation of motor and emotional commitments to succeed in simple actions. They will practice motor skills or simple cooperative exercises or games or controlled oppositions.

– Adults and adolescents (from 15 years old) practice martial arts : Self-Defense Krav-Maga

These defense arts, of international renown, are dispensed, with adapted protections, for everyone, by groups of levels and workshops, at the rhythm of each, allowing the individual development of a good number of benefits.

Psychically: they strengthen the mind, determination, improves the management of emotions, stress, self-confidence, concentration, relaxation skills, sense of decision-making, timing.

Physically: they strengthen health, being a complete physical activity promoting improvement in coordination and body control, tone and muscle building, flexibility, bone density and cardiovascular capacity.

Socially: they encourage respect for rules and ethical values.

Objective: “Leisure” or “Competition”

Leisure training, adapted to the rhythm of each person with multiple fulfilling benefits (see above), is prioritized within the Academy. However, practitioners who wish can be prepared and participate in competitions. Claude Pouget, State certified teacher (BE2) trained, competitors (from the beginner level in the discipline) having won several national sports titles in Karate, Karate Light contact, and Semi-contact and national and international in Krav -Maga.

The youngest always participate with pleasure at the end of the year in the Martial Arts Cup in the city of Cap d’Ail.

Partner at the Leisure Center and the Malraux primary school in Cap d´Ail

Our Academy has provided training courses in martial arts at the Leisure Center and the Malraux primary school in Cap d´Ail.

Leisure center

School in Cap d’Ail

Free training seminars in Cap d´Ail, reserved for members, supervised by experts

Young children who are members of the Academy can participate in free training seminars supervised in Cap d’Ail by external experts, such as in Karate, each year, for a dozen years, sensei Jean Pierre Lavorato, 9th Dan, or as in the past, punctually, other experts such as the iconic champion Dominique Valera, 9th Dan, in Karate, but also in Krav-Maga or Self-Defense.

Possible access to official ranks as well as to the Black Belt

The progression of children allows them to be materialized by obtaining grades (belts of colors of yellow, orange, green, blue, brown and intermediate grades) awarded by the Technical Director. From the age of 14, practitioners can access the obtaining of the black belt as was the case with several members of our Academy, such as : Lisa Couavoux, Mathieu Moutet, Danil Macambira, among others..

In conclusion, do not wait any longer, join us!

Joël Delalande